Virtual Event and Meeting Management Certified

IT'S OFFICAL! nocci is now certified in Virtual Event & Meeting Management!

To book your next virtual Event, Conference, or Meeting with nocci please contact:

Nicole Tusa -

Virtual Event Insider Tips

Let's have a conversation and talk through how we can hold your conference in 2020/2021 LIVE, or feel as much like it as possible. We promise to make this as pain-free and stress-free as humanly possible!

About Us:

For over 30 years, nocci has been the top tier choice for event management and logistics for conventions, festivals, galas, and so much more. Along with the rest of the world, life has changed. We are evolving quickly to help you move into new territory. Luckily, we have a leg up, as we are not new to virtual events.

We Are:

  • A dedicated team, harnessing our 30-plus years of experience and network-building for the benefit of our clients
  • Passionate about our diverse group of clients and events
  • Experienced in producing events from 10 – 80,000 guests
  • Trained to anticipate, plan, and execute every last detail, while always maintaining focus on our clients’ goals
nocci Can Partner With You To Offer:
  • A seamless, turnkey virtual/hybrid convention or event.
  • Complete with high level attendee engagement & team building components.
  • All infused with an authentic New Orleans vibe! (Optional, plus we would tie in your event theme)
Secret Insider Tip:

Yes, you can pivot to virtual on your own, but should you?
By utilizing an Event Management & Logistics Company, you are getting:

  • Individualized strategy planning from pre to post-event
  • A fully designed experience which will give your attendees as close to a live event feel as possible
  • Customized matching of technology platforms to fit your exact needs
  • Access to our relationships and discounts of our preferred, fully vetted vendors
  • Years of event management & logistics knowledge & expertise
Detailed Services:
  • Develop a budget – There are almost a dozen key elements to include in making your event successful. We can ensure the best vendor partnerships.
  • Define a timeline for the conference – from pre-event engagement to after event follow up & analytics
  • Reconsider & procure the venue - Find a location where the speakers could present while honoring social distancing and have a strong dependable internet connection.
  • Develop the right event marketing strategies - When you go virtual, marketing becomes all the more critical for you. Our multi-platform expertise would be a huge benefit before, during, and after your conference.
  • Take care of your registration – We would make this attractive, flawless, and easily accessible.
  • Create and manage pre-event activities - Virtual networking, engagement, and early registrant benefits can immensely help your attendees.
  • Design Conference Décor - Still create the feel of a full-fledged convention, but on a smaller scale, immersing the attendees deeply in the New Orleans culture.
  • Implement a high level of attendee engagement SECRET TRICKS including team building!
  • Vet and procure all Tech vendors – This is a tricky industry with many new companies emerging without prior experience.
  • Speaker Management - Vet, coach, and prep speakers on best practices of speaking virtually and being highly engaging.
  • Highlight sponsors & exhibitors virtually - Host sponsors videos, 360 tours, product demos, and documents.
  • Manage all aspects of the execution of the conference on your chosen site.
  • Ensure security/data privacy with all vendors and attendees.
  • Provide analytics measuring your event success.
  • Post-event
    • Ensuring that the post-event content is online and available.
    • Making sure that your post-event content marketing plan is in place and being implemented smoothly.
    • Preparing and reviewing your post-event metrics reports for online performance.

We truly look forward to connecting with you!
Socially distanced best wishes,
Nicole Tusa
VP, Sales & Marketing nocci
1340 Poydras Street, Suite 2130 New Orleans, LA 70112
Cell: (504) 563-6725

Make Your Event Virtual


There are two major options open to you, IF you decide to go this route:

Hybrid Event: A hybrid event is a tradeshow, conference, unconference, seminar, workshop or other meeting that combines a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component. With the growing popularity and cost-effectiveness of virtual events, hybrid events have become a popular way of increasing participation in traditional events at a relatively low cost.

Virtual Event: An occurrence of people gathering together where some or all of the attendees are not physically in the same location but are connected in a common environment. The common environment might be one of many types but is usually enabled through the use of computers and the Internet.

If we had any input, we would vote Hybrid, as it gives a truer conference feel for your attendees.

This being said, nocci would love to help you maneuver through this new territory!

We can:

  • Develop a Budget 
  • Define a Timeline for the Conference
  • Reconsider & Procure the Location
  • Develop Event Marketing Strategies
  • Take care of your Registration
  • Design Conference Décor
  • Implement a high level of Attendee Engagement
  • Vet and Procure all Vendors
  • Highlight Sponsors and Exhibitors Virtually 
  • Manage all aspects of execution of the conference on your chosen site
  • Ensure Security / Data Privacy with all Vendors
  • Post event:
    • Ensuring that the post-event content is online and available.
    • Making sure that your post-event content marketing plan is in place and being implemented smoothly.
    • Preparing and reviewing your post-event metrics reports for online performance.

For more information or inquiry of going virtual with your event please contact:

Nicole Tusa ( - VP Sales & Marketing 

COVID-19 Information & Pandemic Relief Resources


Dear Clients, Vendors, & Friends,

We hope and trust that you all are staying safe and healthy during this COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We want to provide you with updates, information, and resources to help during these troubling times. As we receive more information, we will continue to share and keep you informed.

Please make sure you are washing your hands, and abiding by the guidance of the CDC public health protocols including social distancing. We all have a role to play in abiding by official government orders and keeping each other safe. Be sure to see the links below to many different pandemic relief resources such as industry-specific benefits, unemployment benefits, small business opportunities and more.

nocci Update Regarding COVID19


Dear Clients, Vendors, & Friends,

To protect the health and safety of our staff and community, nocci is implementing a "social distancing" policy. Our physical office will be closed until further notice, but our staff will be working remotely and will be accessible via email. We encourage everyone to stay safe and use their best judgment during this time.

Meetings scheduled with any of our team members at this time will need to be via phone or email, and we will reach out to you personally about making those arrangements for existing plans.

We are OPEN and HERE to take care of you and meet each of your event needs as always, but especially in this difficult time.

We can help you with:

  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Content
  • Rescheduling Meetings & Events
  • Online Meetings & Webinars
  • Future Events, Meetings, Festivals, Conventions

We assure you that with nocci you can book with confidence now and for any of your future events.


New Year, New Look! NOCCI Announces New Logo!

New Year,  New Look.

As we welcome 2019, we are excited to introduce you to a refresh of our brand identity. 

For 32 years, we've been committed to providing our clients with world-class event marketing & logistics services. We continue to uphold this commitment with a logo that better reflects the evolution of our brand.

With the rebrand of our logo, we pay homage to our company's roots while symbolizing our company's dynamic and modern future. This clean new look represents the outstanding excellence we provide to each client. 

Same Great Services.

By the beginning of the New Year, you will see our new logo on our website, social media accounts, business cards, and on all branded documents. 

We are excited to share our new logo with you and we look forward to doing business with you in 2019!

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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